Planned as a hybrid format the installation will consist of a website and the actual real life audiovisual installment , where one person at a time can walk in to immerse themself in microaggressions.

Our installation is surrounding the viewer, creating an immersive spatial experience with the use of projection mapping. Our main metaphor about microaggressions is that they are like mosquito-bites, one is an inconvenient feeling, but it’s easy to get over it, but as they happen more and more often, and the quantity and the frequency increases, they become unbearable.

We recreate a similar pattern with the combination of our swarm-like visualization forming typically used micro-insults, and the subtle increasement of discomfort in the music and in the visuals. We ask our visitors to share their own experiences, and contribute to our growing database of hurtful sentences, which becomes part of our exhibition as well.

The installation will take place from the 21-25 July 2021 at the Sehsüchte Film Festival.